I first worked with Moustafa’s guidance two years ago. I saw immediately how his skill building would be of immense help. I was able to, over the course of just a few sessions, reevaluate my goals, improve my communication, and begin to excel in sales. With my improvements I was able to move up quickly to more prominent roles and even start coaching with what I had learned. Even in my ever expanding duties I was able to seek guidance for issues and problem solving. I have since moved to a new position with a new company and because of my successes at my last few positions I was hired immediately and am being vetted for leadership roles. I can honestly say that the guidance I received helped put me in a position of success with my new career. Goal setting, sales performance, confidence, and leadership are all things I can personally attest to improving on under his training. I encourage you look no further for a consultant and use these services

Greg Cash

Customer Service Representative , Blue Cross Blue Shield

Moustafa is a dedicated team player. He is helpful and is always willing to help out his co-workers, he is motivated and has a drive for success

Janet Christensen

Comcast Cable

I highly recommend!! I never thought I needed help with my development but I was wrong. There was so much value that was added in every session. The experience was great because the conversations were productive and personable. With the value I received from Forward Consulting & Development, I became one of the best at what I did and moved on to my dream job. I am going to continue with my development sessions because I have seen the results.

Sonboon Yang

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

Thank you Dr. Moustafa for the fantastic Setting Goals & Getting Things Done training course. It was incredibly life changing experience and we really enjoyed every part of it. Definitely it is an added value to my career and I believe if each module covered is followed it will improve every aspect of my business life and make good things happen to me on the business level :), would like also to thank you for your creativity and your excellent communication in delivering the course, obviously talented. Thank you all for your amazing efforts and looking forward for future successful training courses. Thank You!

Mariam Soliman

Metropolitan School

It was an awesome outcome of more than 18 months brainstorming to get a tailored to fit training sessions for our team. Amazing production and professional instructors would definitely get us to move FORWARD

Mohamed Hegazy

Geo Formz

Had a session during professional development day at work “ Goal setting & having things done” I’d like to thank you for the session, it was extremely insightful & has provided us with lots of areas in which we can focus on for improvement ,i found the session to be very insightful ,well delivered ,engaging & very professional. Thanks Moustafa for the time you spent with us… This training was very beneficial professionally and personally…

Doha Zohair

Metropolitan School

Training and development of a company’s talent and building a supportive learning environment is crucial for any company to evolve and succeed. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Moustafa from Forward Consulting and Development in revamping and improving learning programs for our organization’s employees. He and his project team at FC& D pinpointed targeted solutions to help provide adequate training that drove results and increased employee effectiveness as we launched new initiatives. I would highly recommend them as prior to using their services we didn’t have the proper tools to fully comprehend, assess and harness the growth of employees as compared to rivals.

Bushra Ahmed

Wells Fargo Bank

I was amazed on how FC&D handled my company’s training project. It was huge and I was concerned since the audience didn’t have much experience in taking trainings before but FC&D understood my needs and made the training successful in no time.
I will continue to work with you. You are the best!

Yomna Adel

Human Resource Director, CAIRO 3A

With the legend Brian Tracy in his amazing mini MBA thanks to Moustafa El Gendy and Forward Consulting and Development for the great effort in the development of human resources and skills of Egyptians.

Hisham Issa

General Manager, NSA Labs

Moustafa is a results oriented leader who strives to do what’s best for the employee, the company and the customer. Moustafa understands how to drive the bottom line, while building meaningful relationships with his team. Moustafa knows how to add value as a leader and will always be seen as a true asset.

Gerald Poole

Senior Consultant, Dey's End Consulting LLC

Moustafa is a charismatic leader passionate about success. As a respected colleague Moustafa was a first class professional in meetings and was always eager to learn. Moustafa was always sharing best practices and successes with his peers and seemed to consistently produce great results during his tenure with Guaranty Bank.

Matt Dereschuk

Bank Office Manager/Assistant Vice President, Bank Mutual

Moustafa was my team lead for a year when I worked in the Shoreview Phone Bank and I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, honest, hardworking individual. He was always willing to help me with any issues that would surface even if he was juggling multiple tasks at once. If there was ever an issue that he wasn’t sure about, he would do his research and get back to you with the answer. Moustafa was also very knowledgeable about the Wells Fargo products and knew exactly what a customer would benefit from depending on their specific situation. When I wanted to increase my sales goals, he was more than willing to sit with me, listen to my calls with the customers, and coach me through ways to increase my sales. I definitely learned a lot with Moustafa as my team lead!

Courtney Rappa

Technical Project Coordinator , Wells Fargo

Moustafa is an amazing life coach, my sessions with him helped me truly move forward with life. He is an excellent listener and I didn’t feel like i was talking to a therapist, I felt I was talking to a wise brother.
In my work with Moustafa, I was able to identify my goals and generate a ton of cool ideas which I am now plugging away at with great results.
I worked with him during a big transition time in my life. I wake up every day with a big smile on my face.
I look forward to work with him again, i definitely would recommend Moustafa to anyone.
Thank you so much for helping me find my way back to a balanced life.

Hadeer Fahmy

International Schools of Egypt

I have been in the sales/account management field for years and I thought that attending a communication course wouldn’t be that beneficial for me. After the course, I was very satisfied with the results and learned very simple and easy to apply techniques. The course was only 2 days but the outcome was very good and the course material & activities were fun and engaging, I strongly recommend Forward Consultancy. Thank you.

Ahmed Saafan


Forward consulting and development arranged last year a workshop conducted by the great Brian Tracy on to business mastery & crisis management
It was a great workshop and very useful to the extent that it made big influence on me on the personal level and on my professional level.

Gila El-Maayergy

Orascom Construction

I really enjoyed the arranged event /Workshop from Forward Consulting and Development, conducted by Brian Tracy for Business Mastery & Crisis Management.
It was very well arranged from all perspectives, the place, the lecturer, the material well selected.
It’s affected my personal & professional attitude.
Thanks Forward Consulting and wish you all the best in future.

Mohamed El-Fateh

COO, DMG Group

Thank you for the amazing experience that I will never forget. I sure learned and grew a lot in the way I think and how I see things.
I am extremely proud to say that I was part of this amazing dream team; you’ve taught me the value and the true meaning of the “One for all and all for one” motto and I will forever cherish.
Wish everyone the best of the luck and sure our colleagues/friendship that was built in the office will surly continue outside the office and for a life time.
Thank you all and surly will miss everyone dearly!

Noha Samy

Montessori Teacher

ادارة مؤسستكم تتسم بالجدية والمصداقيه واﻻحترافية .. لذا فالنتائج والمخرجات تكون على الوجه اﻻمثل .. سعيده جدا بالتعامل معكم وسأسعد بنشر افكاركم ..
I am really happy to be one of your company stakeholders

Reham Kurrat

Social Fund for Development